Crypto Society is a group of enthusiasts set up by the people for the people. We aim to inform on all matters crypto by sharing our research to passionate members who are encouraged to learn and share themselves.



We bring awareness of the latest ground-breaking crypto projects to our community, including hosting regular AMA’s and live TA Market Overviews, thus teaching how to research and apply trading and hodling strategies.



With this applied learning the group is encouraged to research and share their findings with our members, actively getting involved, effectively benefitting the entire community.



Crypto is a bumpy road but with so many eyes and ears actively contributing we regularly (and) successfully recognize great buying opportunities that ultimately lead to a lucrative investment.

Venture Capital

Crypto Society has also extended into a VC and has invested in over 70 projects over the last year including Kilt, UMEE, Retreeb, Star Atlas and Cryowar to name but a few.

As investors we aim to provide active support in the form of strategy, marketing, design, strategic partnership introductions, launchpad intros as well as active engagement on the project’s social media channels. It has thus been a natural evolution for us to have also taken on advisor roles to certain projects.